Tips on how not to write Children’s Books

Many, many authors love to write stories for children; across different genre and age ranges. Of course, they write stories they believe will catch children’s attention. But before you grab for your pen and paper, we suggest you take a look at our list of key don’ts when writing kids stories.

Tips on What not to write for Children’s Book

  • Don’t preach or lecture.
  • Don’t talk down to children; as if they are small and/or stupid.
  • Don’t write books without any real story.
  • Don’t write books with a too complicated plot.
  • Don’t use images that are inappropriate or too violent.
  • Don’t use too much text and too few images, these two should be balanced- fitted to the particular storyline.
  • Don’t create characters that are boring or unnecessary.
  • Don’t be too literal, say using real people, instead try to use imaginative characters, maybe animals, items or even super heroes.

These are just some of the don’ts in writing for children, but if you can add to these tips, please don’t hesitate to share them with us.

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