Fulfilling the Dreams of Self-Published Authors

Fulfilling the Dreams of Self-Published Authors

You have completed your manuscript, proofread and edited, created a fantastic design for your front cover and written the ultimate inviting blurb for the back cover.

Now you can just sit back and wait to hit the bestseller lists and the royalties to come flooding in? WRONG

To be a successful self-published author you need to market your book. It is staggering how many new authors fail to grasp that books do not sell themselves and that book marketing is crucial in becoming a successful author.

The first step in book marketing is to create a marketing strategy that sets expectations and contains achievable rational objectives.

But, how do you create a book marketing strategy? There are many, many articles and books on the subject and, indeed, software packages available to help you do this. Indeed, AuthorHouse UK is on hand to help you do this.

Once you have created your marketing strategy and set your goals and objectives – the WHAT; the second step is to determine the ways to reach your potential readers and book buyers-the HOW.

Remember you are not alone as self-published author; AuthorHouse UK has a suite of marketing services to suit every pocket and are specifically designed to help you.

The third step to becoming a successful author is to understand that book marketing is an on-going never ending process.



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